17 November 2014

Hello Teachers and Facilitators!

Our judges had very difficult decisions to make today, but with a little pizza and a lot of discussion, we are please to announced the 2014 winners of Improbable Baubles: Under the Sea!
1st Place: Aron Chagoya – Elkhorn Middle School
2nd Place: Graciela M. – Northside Elementary
3rd Place: Kaye P. – EJ Hayes
4th Places: Annika Maxey – EJ Hayes
Judge’s Choice:
                               Kayleigh H.- LCA
                               Zeno D. – Providence Montessori
                               Amelia Roney – Elkhorn Elementary
                               Aiden L. – Ashland Elementary
Honorable Mention:
                                    Jennifer M.- Simmons Elementary

                                    Britney V. – Cardinal Valley
                                    Irena- Woodford Co. Middle
                                    Christopher – Simmons Elementary
                                    Kaileigh F-B. – Ashland Elementary
                                    Philip B. – Woodford Co. Public Library Home School Group
Teacher(s) of the Year:
                                        Sue Martin – Providence Montessori
                                        Michelle Armstrong – Cardinal Valley Elementary
Winning students or their teachers may pick up prizes during the Opening Reception, next Saturday between 1 and 3p.m.  If no one is available to pick up the prize, please call 859-255-6653 to make alternative arrangements.
In other news, March Madness Marching Band has officially signed on to be part of the Opening Reception, next week.  Please make sure your school knows that EVERYONE is invited!!!!
It has been a pleasure working with each and everyone of you and I cannot wait to see you at the Opening Reception NEXT SATURDAY!!!!