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Providence Students Participate in UN Conference

April 11, 2007, Lexington Herald-Leader

Six students and a teacher from Providence Montessori School in Lexington recently participated in the first Montessori Model United Nations conference at United Nations headquarters in New York City.

Betty Snider, the Providence teacher who accompanied the group from Lexington, said preparations for the conference began in November, with the students meeting regularly after school to research world issues and the positions of Benin, an underdeveloped country in sub-Saharan Africa, which the Providence students represented at the MMUN.The six students -- Ian Baughman, Ian Hafley, Michael Kamer, Nolan Phillips, Suraj Rama and Maura Reilly- Ulmanek -- studied world issues and prepared position papers on topics including climate change, the fresh water crisis worldwide, the relationship of donor countries and underdeveloped countries, and the rights of the child. The position papers were written from Benin's perspective to present in their committee work in UNESCO, ECOSOC, and the General Assembly.

MMUN was the first-ever model U.N. conference for elementary and middle school students. Schools from across the U.S. sent student delegations representing 72 nations. Delegates met for two days debating and caucusing to write final resolutions which were voted on the last evening of the conference.

While at the U.N. headquarters, the Lexington students saw U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and were able to meet in the U.N.'s General Assembly hall, and pass resolutions which they had sponsored.