Providence Montessori offers toddler (18 to 36 month), primary (ages 3 – 6), and elementary (ages 6 – 9, and 9 – 12) programs. This three-year age span is typical of a Montessori class, and is based on Dr. Montessori’s findings that children learn from one another as well as from adults. Based on these findings, she developed didactic, open-ended materials and a planned environment to enable this to happen. This environment frees children to develop individually through spontaneous interaction with the environment and with their peers.

Our toddler program can accommodate 12 students, while the primary and elementary classes typically have 25-30 children with 2-3 teachers in each class (depending on the age group). There are a number of factors considered in the placement of a child in a classroom:

  • Maintaining a balance of ages
  • Maintaining a balance by gender
  • Individual needs of the child.