Appreciation for all peoples and the understanding that every culture brings a unique and special gift to Humankind has long been part of your student’s Montessori experience. From preschool through the adolescent program, the study of people and places around the world, the support of human rights, a respect for all races, and a sense of stewardship and responsibility have been fundamental components of the environment.  Dr. Montessori’s guiding philosophy is in accord with the human search for justice and peace, as she believed this could only be achieved through a true appreciation of all cultures.

At the adolescent level, students move into a study of the history of immigration and how it has shaped our nation.  New York City will serve as a massive classroom for exploring the struggles experienced by the coming together of many different races and cultures.

Ellis Island; the Statue of Liberty; The Tenement Museum; ethnic neighborhoods including Little Italy, Chinatown, Harlem, etc.; Eldridge Street Synagogue; The United Nations; the Brooklyn Bridge; the 9/11 Museum, and the Empire State Building are among the many sites scholars will be visiting.  Scholars will be involved in planning the itinerary (everything from arranging visits to mapping travel on the subway and budgeting for meals). These itineraries will be provided for parents after completion.

Student trip fees cover the cost of the trip with the exception of food expenses while travelling to and from NYC.

Permission slip for Hard Hat Tour of Ellis Island:  Ellis Island Hard Hat Waiver form