In order to continue building strong, respectful and inclusive relationships in the middle school community, we have scheduled a fall bonding trip for Tuesday, November 6th through Thursday, November 8th at The Life Adventure Center in Versailles.  The Adventure Center offers experiences designed specifically to that end, while fostering self-confidence, team building and leadership.  The experienced, well-trained staff will lead students in a variety of activities including a challenge course, a high ropes adventure, a labyrinth experience, and horse vaulting.  Accommodations for the students and guides includes a large bunkhouse for the girls and two large cabins for the boys.

A large, but cozy assembly building will be available for cooking and serving meals and for meeting in the evenings.

                      A successful team is a group of many hands, but of one mind.  We recognize that the process of reaching that unity can be a challenge.  On our 575-acre farm, our Challenge Course acts as a resource for the group to explore individual and group strengths, think outside of the box, face fears, and improve group dynamics. 

A member of the middle school staff will be with each group at all times as they participate in the challenge-by-choice activities.  In addition, the students will be responsible for cooking, serving and cleaning up after meals under the guidance of Ms. Langefeld.  Late afternoon and evening gives students the opportunity to build community through carefully prepared activities and meetings.

All students are expected to participate as this trip is very important to the continued growth of the Providence community. I am happy to write personalized letters of explanation to any coaches or instructors, if needed.  (Please send a request by email if your student needs a letter).  I apologize for the dates not being on the calendar – we had to wait until we could solidify dates with The Life Adventure Center.

Vaulting:  Documented as being the safest equestrian sport, vaulting does not require any previous riding or horse experience.  It is one of the fastest growing equestrian sports in the U.S.A. and is one of the best ways to introduce people to the joy of riding horses in a safe, dynamic environment.  The Center provides experienced horses for all different skill levels and teaches the skills needed to interact safely with them.  Moves are practiced extensively on a barrel before moving to the horse. During vaulting, a skilled horseman or ‘lunger’, controls the horse’s speed and direction in a circular formation which frees the participant to focus on his/her body and the movement of the horse.  The well-trained and experienced instructors are committed to providing students with a safe, empowering, and enjoyable experience.

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