Fundraising is an important source of funds for Providence and brings many valuable extras for our children. Providences offers many types of fundraisers, including:

Founders Day Bash and Silent Auction - This fundraiser has a carnival-like atmosphere with games, prizes, great food and silent auction. Each classroom helps with the silent auction items by creating a specific themed basket. Although, it is a fundraising event, the Founder’s Day Bash has become a major social occasion that everyone enjoys.

Breakfast Cafe - This event is so much fun for our families, we forget it is fundraiser! Each year, around Valentine’s Day, members of the entire school come together to enjoy a smorgasbord of breakfast foods which have been provided by the families. This is great opportunity for parents, children, and staff to spend time together outside of the classroom. All proceeds from the event go the school.

Kroger gift cards - 
This is the easiest fundraiser that Providence does and doesn’t take any extra time!! Just purchase a gift card for $20 and you will have a $20 balance on it automatically. Each time you shop, just stop by the Customer Service desk and tell them how much you would like to put on the card. Providence receives 4% on your purchases.

Innisbrook wrapping paper and gifts sale - This is one of school’s largest fundraisers. Families are asked to sell wrapping paper and gifts from Innisbrook at the beginning of the school year. The children enjoy asking friends and family to help their school. Providence receives 50% of each sale. To place your orders, visit

                                             Box Tops for Education                                          

We also participate in the “Box Tops for Education” program.  Providence  earns cash for every box                                              top collected - it all adds up!  Collect and bring them to the office!

Providence ROCKS (Roots of Community, Knowledge and Service) - Each April, Providence hosts ‘ProvROCKS’ …. a fun evening for adults with drinks, appetizers and a live auction.  All proceeds raised at the event go to the school.

Providence clothing sale - The school offers clothing, bags, umbrellas, bumper stickers and license plates with the Providence logo.

In recent years, fundraising has provided the school with:

  • Main lobby renovation
  • New carpeting
  • New playground equipment and recycled rubber mulch
  • Professional development for staff
  • Student enrichment programs (i.e. Lexington Children’s Theater productions, guest artists)
  • New copy machine