The GoodGiving Challenge is a powerful, 5 week online giving celebration that connects Central and Appalachia Kentucky with the causes they care about. We invite you to join us, because when you give where you live, you make a more vibrant, sustainable, equitable community for all. The communities we love rely on a nonprofit infrastructure, and by giving right here during The GoodGiving Challenge, you know you are doing something to make this the best place to live, work and play.

This year, the Good Giving Challenge launches on November 28, 2017 and Providence is asking for your support again.

Beginning at 9:00am November 28th, and running through midnight December 31st,
Providence Montessori hopes to raise $70,000.00!!

This year, each classroom has dedicated Ambassador pages, with goals specified by class. Feel free to scroll through the “asks” for each classroom, and see if something resonates for which you would like to give.
Click HERE to view all Ambassador pages!
Click HERE to visit the main donation page for Providence Montessori.

This year, we have a $15,000.00 match!
All donations are doubled until that $15,000.00 level is met.

Thanks for all you do for Providence Montessori!

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Acceptance Mark For your convenience, Providence now accepts donations through a secure PayPal account.