The Story of Green Bean … Our School Mascot

Many years ago, Carol Hiler (our School Director at the time) was standing outside on a beautiful day dismissing students when a mother pulled up looking for her child.  Carol stated that the child was not waiting in the group to be picked up, but she could be found outside in her classroom garden, picking green beans.  “That’s what I love about this school!” exclaimed the mother.  “What school other than Providence would children want to be outside picking beans in the garden after school?”

At that time, there was a community-wide art project going on in town.  Horse Mania 2010 galloped into Lexington, Kentucky with 82  horses and 57 foals which were made available to local artists to turn in to works of art.  Once complete, these works of art were auctioned off and to this day are displayed throughout town …. on the streets, outside of businesses, and even at private horse farms.  Our foal, Green Bean, was a collaborative effort between our students and their art teacher, Sue Martin.  Mrs. Martin loved the above exclamation from the parent so much that she suggested it as the theme for our foal statue.  Students were asked to submit their renditions of bean seeds, plants, and vines to be encapsulated in the completed project design.  With the support and supervision of the teachers, students completed a painting on the body of the foal, who was then fondly given the name, Green Bean.

Green Bean represents a school wide commitment to environmentally friendly practices.  He currently stands tall and greets you at the entrance to our property at 1209 Texaco Road.