Click HERE for a collection of quotes from the parents and supporters who donated to Providence during the 2016 Good Giving Challenge.

Shevawn A. – November 2018
We LOVE this school! The teachers are so kind & supportive. My 2yo is thriving in the Montessori environment. She started toilet training one month after starting classes here – at only 25 months old. Her vocabulary and language comprehension are also off the charts & I give most of the credit to this school. Just can’t say enough good things!

Karen H. – October 2018 – Providence is an amazing Montessori school, our children are cared and loved by each and every staff member. It is remarkable to watch your child grow while receiving a Montessori education.

Tria K. – March 2017 – My son cried everyday in traditional school. Now, he is thriving and happy. It warms our hearts to see such a change. He loves learning and and has a wonderful sense of belonging. I could go on and on about how wonderful this place is.

Amy S. – November 2016 – I attended the preschool myself, now my daughter is there in lower elementary. I can’t say enough for the depth and breadth of educational opportunities offered!

Sibby D. – November 2016 – My children have attended Providence for over 10 years now and they have truly had a wonderful experience. The elementary school is fantastic but the middle school is a special place. It is such a great environment for tweens and early teens to develop into young adults. The faculty there go above and beyond for the students. I know my children will miss Providence when it is time for them to go into high school, but I believe they have been given a solid foundation for a successful future.

Sarah K. – October 2016 – Amazing space for Montessori learning. Stop by to check out the most amazing way to learn.

Veronica P. – April 2016  5 star – Our oldest attended k and 1st grade. He is 21yrs old now, and a College graduate! We look forward to seeing our 3yr old attend the preschool program this fall! Montessori gave our son the foundation he needed to thrive in school, and become the successful young man he is today. Providence is Powerful !!!

Bryna R. – 5 star – Not only the best Montessori school in Lexington but the best school in Lexington PERIOD.    🙂

(Parent) – February 2013
It’s our second year at Providence and I could not be more pleased with not only the academic quality of the education but the respectful, nurturing environment that is demonstrated in every aspect of this school. If you educate yourself about the Montessori method and then go see its flawless execution at Providence, you will wonder why anyone chooses a traditional school. I look forward to watching my children continue to blossom not only as academic beings but as well-rounded, responsible human beings and stewards of the Earth. The Montessori method fosters children’s desire to learn instead of extinguishing it in the way traditional schools do….and we do it without homework which means less stress at home and more focus on family time. Providence is also competitively priced and is a downright bargain when you consider the superior education.

Ellie C. – 5 star – Best school in Lexington!

A Google User – 2012
Providence Montessori is a great school, with caring administrators and teachers. The school and grounds are well designed, and one of the prettiest in town with its great landscaping and old trees. Very inspiring for a young mind! We have 2 children in the school, and both of them love it so much, and seem to be ahead of most of their non-montessori peers in development, even without homework! Highly recommended.

Dorothy L. – 9/25/2010
I found out about Providence while trying to search for a “better” alternative to my 3-year old’s preschool. There are about half-a-dozen Montessori programs in Lexington but absolutely NONE like Providence.  I almost didn’t want to preview the school due to the cost, but I decided to do so in order to view it as a benchmark.  Unfortunately, once I stepped on the grounds I absolutely fell in love with the campus (which is about 5 acres, or so).  The quality of the program, teachers, and personal attention is worth every penny!  Although there are a couple other “good” Montessori schools in town, there is a very big difference between the Providence and the rest of them.

We realized it was a large financial commitment, but the interviews we had with the school director, one of the teachers, and past parents made us realize that this school offered something very special.  Our daughter is definitely above average in her verbal and certain other skills, but in just one month at Providence her various skill developement was astonishing.  We also just had our first Parent-Teacher conference which even amazed my husband (and he took some convincing to go to the investigative interviews).  Our experiences so far have proven to us that for the little extra cost over what your average daycare/preschool charges, you can get something so extraordinary that the decision is a no-brainer.

I think the best testimony to the school is my daughter; she LOVES going to school!!!!  Not that she was ALWAYS kicking and screaming when we went to her previous school….but she has NOT ONCE said “I don’t want to go to school today”.  Just after a week of going there she insisted that I sneak into her classroom with her after school so she can show me all the cool “toys” she has played with that day.  She’s so proud of her school!

We are now very excited about our son starting their toddler program there next fall.  And even more so, we are thrilled to have the first Montessori High School coming here next year!!!

(Parent) – September 2007
Providence is a phenomenal school! We are parents of a sixth grader and a five year-old in the Primary program. Our older child has attended there for seven years now. The director, staff and teachers are committed to achieve excellence like no other school we have ever seen. Teachers willingly do everything within their power to see that each child excels at his or her own pace. They work well with the brightest of children and those who have more difficulty and succeed with both types of students. Mutual respect and care for each other, the environment and the world around us are the cornerstones of this institution. What more could you ask for your child?

(Parent) – March 2007
Our three children have thrived at Providence.The atmosphere there is one that is very difficult to put into words.The mutual respect between the children and the teachers is prevelent. Just this one important factor , I feel,sets the stage for an incredible amount of learning.

(Parent) – December 2005
We can not say enough about the quality of education and developmental nurturing that our daughter has received at Providence. They stress each child’s ability to be strong and independent, as well as emphasize that each child progresses differently. We are so happy that we chose to send our daughter to Providence and would highly recommend them to any parents looking to place their child.