Maasai.16Last Thursday, September 26, The Maasai Warriors visited Providence Montessori School. Joining us were students from Montessori Middle School of Kentucky, Keystone Montessori, and The Sphinx Academy. It was a spectacular event! If you missed it, watch this short video to learn about the mission of these extraordinary young men.

Maasai.13Maasai.19Jackson Ntirkana and Wilson Meikyaya





We can thank Providence Ambassadors for arranging this. Providence teacher Chris Zachritz started this group 7 years ago. About 5 years ago it evolved from a classroom effort into an after school organization which currently boasts 22 student volunteers. This year’s group has set a goal to raise $4500.00. They work with Free The Children, the largest “children helping children” organization in the world. They also work with Me to We, and contribute to both local charities and global charities such as Unicef. Participating in We Day is a highlight for the students.

Ms. Zachritz said, “The students are empowered by the fact that this an organization for children only. Their faces light up when I share that with them.”