The Creation of “He Ping Shen Long,” the Peace Dragon

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Photo by David Fitts

His name means “Peace Dragon, mysterious and powerful.”

In orchestrating this school-wide project, Providence art teacher Sue Martin surely witnessed the mystery and power that are present when children focus as a group to accomplish a goal.


How did it start? According to Ms. Martin, the children were all fascinated with a dragon book she had in the art room — they became almost obsessed with drawing dragons. So she tied in their enthusiasm to a celebration of the Chinese New Year, and voila! The Peace Dragon project was born hatched!

From Upper Elementary all the way to the toddlers (they painted the belly!), every Providence student participated. The paper mache dragon made his debut at The Breakfast Cafe, and now resides in Haley Hall.

In case you ever wondered, it really does help to hold your tongue just right. Here’s proof:


To view the complete photo album of the project, click here. Many thanks to Sarah Carey for the pictures!


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