Montessori Madness Video
The following video, Montessori Madness – 321 FastDraw, provides a wonderful description of the benefits of a Montessori education.  The video is by Trevor Eissler who is a father of three Montessori students, a business jet pilot and a flight instructor.  He is the author of four books, Montessori Madness!, 4,962,571, That 17th Hat, and N is for North Korea. He is a juggler, unicyclist, triathlete, and Toastmaster. He lives with his wife and family in Georgetown, Texas.

AMS Links About Montessori Education
The following American Montessori Society links provide information on the Montessori method of education.

Toddler Montessori

Montessori Kindergarten

Montessori: The Elementary Years

Living Montessori: The Parent Prospective


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