Celebrations and Traditions at Providence

Founders Day Bash

The Founders’ Day Bash started in 2006 as a dedication to our Founders Art and Activities Building. This celebration continues to grow each year with a carnival-like atmosphere of games, prizes, great food and take-a-chance baskets. Each classroom helps with the basket items by gathering items based on a specific theme. Although it is a fundraising event, the Founders’ Day Bash has become a major social occasion that everyone enjoys. Our community looks forward to this first family celebration of the school year.

4-H Camp
Each year, lower elementary students spend the night at 4-H Camp in Carlisle, Ky. The two-day event covers activities in team building, water ecology, birding, art, day and night hikes and campfire singing. Parents are also welcome to this educational, fun event.

Peace Ceremonies
Each September, our Peace Committee sponsors a peace ceremony on the International Day of Peace. Children and staff gather at our peace pole to share songs, poems, and rituals. The teaching of peace is at the center of Providence’s curriculum and is present in all levels. The peace ceremony is a great opportunity for our children to celebrate what they practice throughout the year.

Grandparents Day/Open House
A Sunday in October is always set aside for family, friends and prospective parents to visit classrooms and tour school grounds. This is a wonderful chance for students to show relatives their classroom and the activities they work on during the school day. Grandparents have been an integral part of the creation and success of Providence and we celebrate this day to honor them. Families interested in joining our community are always invited to view the school.

Breakfast Cafe
Each year, around Valentine’s Day, members of our entire school participate in a fundraising social event which is a favorite of both the children and teachers. Families come to school and enjoy a smorgasbord of breakfast foods which have been provided by the families. This is another opportunity for parents, children, and staff to spend time together outside of the classroom. After gathering for a time in the morning, children enter their classrooms for the day, and parents go on about their daily routine.

Earth Day
Our children learn throughout the year that they are stewards of the Earth. Children at the 6-9 level create Earth Day reports/projects which they present to the students and parents. The day ends with a picnic lunch on school grounds. For more information, visit our Outdoor Classroom curriculum.

Book Fair
Every April, Haley Hall turns into a giant book store where books and gifts are on sale and display. Children and their parents are encouraged to shop and browse throughout the week. The proceeds from the event benefit the Providence library.

Spring Family Picnic 
Following the last day of classes, the Providence family gathers for an end of the year picnic. Everyone brings blankets, chairs and a picnic lunch to enjoy. For recreation, many families bring kites, games and soccer balls. This tradition is a grand send off to the summer break.