Mission Statement

We are Providence Montessori School, an authentic Montessori school accredited with the American Montessori Society.

school_nameOur mission is to…
Provide a quality environment,
Holistic in its approach,
Which unleashes in our children their natural curiosity,
Their intrinsic desire for life long learning,
And their innate ability
To be citizens who better our world community.

Vision Statement

Our vision will be achieved…
• When our children reach their full potential as independent persons, with a global perspective for bettering the earth and its community.

• When our adults respect each other as individuals and recognize the need to strive for personal excellence.

• When, in the spirit of diversity, our staff and families reach the level of partnership necessary to function in a loving, non-competitive way, respect the child’s perspective and comply with the Montessori principle: follow the child

• When we offer a model school, powerful in its influence in the community. Providence will be open to all inquiry, will take part in the instruction of all interested individuals, and will become an on-site training center for Central Kentucky.

• When, in theory and practice, we embrace new developments and technology compatible and commensurate with Montessori philosophy.

• When we are financially secure enough to fund equitable salaries, benefits, a scholarship program and maintain a sufficient endowment..

• And when we fully recognize the importance of the part that quality education plays in the quest for a peaceful world.