Volunteer Opportunities

  • Serve on Board of Directors
  • Serve on a School Committee
  • Support School Activities
  • Assist in Your Child’s Classroom

(Providence Parents – Nevie Everly, Eileen Miot, and Melissa Crase – weeding bioswales in 36 degree temperature, brrrr)

At Providence, we welcome parental involvement. We believe that parental participation in the school is an important component of the child’s educational experience. Opportunities abound!

Serve on the Board of Directors.
Join a school committee. Committees include fundraising, building and grounds, parent education, marketing, finance and human resources.

Attend the parent information meetings:
• The new parent orientation meeting (if you are a new parent)
• The fall & spring general parent meetings (parents are always welcome at the monthly Board meetings)
• Be a guest speaker at a parent education night or in a classroom
• Join the Parent Education Committee

Be involved in your child’s school experience:
• Attend the parent conference
• Observe your child’s classroom
• Participate in classroom activities (be a guest speaker, volunteer as a driver for field trips)

Support school activities:
• Attend family activities, (Founders Day, spring picnics, the Breakfast Café, Earth Day, etc.)
• Participate in projects (such as building & grounds, fundraising)
• Assist in the office
• Contribute to the Annual Giving Campaign and other fundraisers

Providence is more than a group of families. It IS one large family – many people, many talents, many skills.Your contributions assure a healthy community working together for the betterment of all.