Volunteer Opportunities

At Providence, we welcome parental involvement. We believe that parental participation in the school is an important component of the child’s educational experience. Opportunities abound!

• Serve on the Board of Directors

• Join a school committee:
~ Committees include fundraising, building and grounds, parent education, marketing, finance and human resources.

• Attend parent information meetings:
~ The new parent orientation meeting (if you are a new parent)
~ The fall & spring general parent meetings (parents are always welcome at the monthly Board meetings)
~ Be a guest speaker at a parent education night or in a classroom
~ Join the Parent Education Committee

• Be involved in your child’s school experience:
~ Attend the parent conference
~ Observe your child’s classroom
~ Participate in classroom activities (be a guest speaker, volunteer as a driver for field trips)

• Support school activities:
~ Attend family activities, (Founders Day, spring picnics, the Breakfast Café, Earth Day, etc.)
~ Participate in projects (such as building & grounds, fundraising)
~ Assist in the office
~ Contribute to the Annual Giving Campaign and other fundraisers


Providence is more than a group of families.
It IS one large family – many people, many talents, many skills.
Your contributions assure a healthy community working together for the betterment of all.