Annual Giving 2022

As you consider what you can give to help us move forward, please know you are giving to a very special place that values its past and is striving to secure a better future. Our hope is that Providence will continue to thrive as a leader in Montessori Education in the central Kentucky area!

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We are Providence Montessori School, the oldest Montessori school in Kentucky, and the only American Montessori Society accredited school in Central Kentucky.
Providence is … a member of the International Montessori Council, accredited with the NCPSA and one of two World Citizen International Peace Sites in the state.

We provide a quality and comprehensive Montessori program for close to 300 students, ages 18 months to 14 years (Toddlers through 8th grade).

All of us want our children to be prepared to live successfully in a changing world.
The video below, which is a collaborative project between Providence Montessori School and The Montessori High School in Lexington, KY, shows the uniqueness of the Montessori educational system and the “edge” it provides for our students.

Learn more about our different programs:


toddlers toddlersCircDr. Montessori observed that the foundation for life-long learning and a happy, healthy child is developed in the first few years of life. When the basic physical, emotional and social needs of a young child are consistently, respectfully and joyfully met, the child learns to trust. Feeling safe and secure, the child can then begin to explore all the wonders of his or her own self and world. These experiences shape the child’s impressions as he or she develops and grows.Learn more


primary primaryCircDr. Montessori divides a child’s growth into four distinct planes of development. The first two planes deal with childhood and the growth of a child through age 12. Providence Montessori addresses these first two formative planes through its primary and elementary programs. During the first three years, the child is unconsciously absorbing his surroundings. During the second three years, the child moves from unconscious absorption to conscious work.Learn more


lowerelem lowerEcircWhereas children from birth to age six are gathering facts, children in the second plane need to know why, how and when. The years from six to twelve, then, are the time for cosmic education understanding and exploring the interdependence of everything in nature. There is an eagerness to know and understand the reasons for things, to learn details about subjects, to explore moral questions, and to form close associations with others.Learn more


upperelem upperEcircThe child’s education at the upper elementary level continues to promote development of his or her mental independence as well as the ability to manage the requirements of daily life with grace, confidence and effectiveness. The structure of the classroom encourages a high level of self-discipline. Research, independent study, and collaborative projects all teach children how to learn, not just what to learn.Learn more


middle middleCircThe Erdkinder level (ages 12-18) continues the work of the elementary, but focuses on the implementation of human interdependency with the natural world. Adolescents begin to merge the history of the universe, the cultures of man and governments with skills currently acquired through academic pursuits and work on the land.Students have greater opportunity for hands-on environmental work, technology, and commerce. They are more independent and self-motivated as they develop life skills for an emerging society.Learn more